Our Philosophy

Our soul purpose as a collective is to help clients drive growth through culturally attuned and creatively driven marketing. Today’s fragmented media environment that is proliferated with user generated content and “news”, therefore it is essential to go beyond legacy models that rely exclusively on using traditional media to deliver impressions. We at ROX United have flipped the model and are utilizing a people first approach, enabling us to amplify brands through a more consumer-driven technique. Thus, allowing consumers to help drive the conversation in meaningful, relevant ways that resonate with their beliefs.

Our Guiding Principle

At the end of the day, we believe it's simply about client satisfaction. ROX United prides itself on providing remarkable client service and surpassing expectations through our results, responsiveness to needs and creativity. At ROX United, we believe that creativity - rooted on a comprehensive understanding of the marketplace and solid communication principles - is one of the keys to effective, memorable and groundbreaking communications plans.

Our People

We work tirelessly to identify bilingual and bicultural candidates who bring a high level of talent and dedication to our client's business. We set high expectations for our teams and we provide them with the tools and support necessary to deliver the best results. We nurture our people by offering them professional development opportunities, as well as challenging and guiding them to be the best. We focus on creating a fun workplace, so coming to the office is about more than just getting the work done.

Our Idea Incubator

We are always in search of fresh ideas. We don't settle for less. Every idea that's conceived and nurtured at ROX United is grounded in a thorough understanding of our clients' business needs. We ideate with energy, enthusiasm and unrivaled creativity. We believe that creative energy, molded according to the needs and dynamics of the marketplace, is at the core of straightforward, passionate, powerful and persuasive marketing ideas that will achieve and surpass our clients' objectives.

Our Powerful Size

Our small size means that we're fast and efficient. We provide top-quality service without the overhead of traditional agencies. We do this by enhancing our in-house team with a network of outside professionals (ranging from copy-writers to graphic designers) who are ready to go to work at short notice. While others make claims and promises - we deliver. Just ask our clients.