Our Story

ROX United is an independent bi-coastal public relations agency, with more than 20-years of experience working with established hallmark consumer brands and commodity boards; such as, Nike, Domino’s, the National Honey Board, and California Milk Processor Board (got milk?). We help these organizations determine positioning, shaping perceptions, and driving loyalty engagement campaigns among all U.S. consumers, with extensive experience addressing multicultural audiences. The multicultural market is at the foundation of our agency and the core of what we do best. Comprised of communicators, strategists, creatives and innovators, our agency delivers exceptional programs that engage and motivate diverse audiences to action. 


While many public relations firms still focus on traditional media as the driver of earned media impressions, ROX United believes that while the 24-hour news media cycle still plays a vital role in shaping public opinion, consumers are the true catalysts that create the spark that shifts conversations, drive change, and ultimately, fuel brand relevance. As agents of people-first brand amplification, ROX United ignites human potential, embracing their power and harnessing their influence as megaphones for brands, by cultivating experiences where people from different cultural backgrounds come together to connect, communicate and engage. 


We specialize in delivering ideas through powerful cross-cultural storytelling that empower brands and the people who engage with them. Whether it’s through content capture, grassroots events, branded experiential moments and social conversations, we understand that art and storytelling transcend time and unite all of humanity. The power of a story can pierce a heart with conviction, soothe an aching soul, provide newfound knowledge and understanding, and can withstand cultural, generational, and personal differences.