About Us

ROX United is a premiere, independent bicoastal public relations agency that works within the United Collective. Without compromising the essence of PR and its value to a client’s overall marketing plan, ROX has evolved from a traditional PR model to one that is better equipped to create culturally relevant media moments for today’s consumers, which are more diverse in their beliefs, communities, technologies and ethnicities. 


At ROX, we recognize and embrace our client’s realities as opportunities to become more valuable partners. Clients are faced with the challenge of looking for growth in a more complex marketplace, requiring agencies to deliver more integrated and impactful efforts. In order to better service our clients’ needs, we have transformed into a modern-day communications agency that delivers fully integrated and bespoke programs unique to each project.  ROX United is independent with an entrepreneurial spirit. We don't answer to shareholders which means we aren't forced to operate under the constraints of holding company models, enabling us to invest in building resources that better serve our client's needs and address the rapidly changing landscape of our industry. 


And as part of a collective of agencies (the United Collective), we are able to provide a more robust suite of services better suited to today’s public relations assignments, including; news & creative storytelling, content creation & production, digital & social experiences as well as experiential led efforts. Unlike most mid-size traditional agencies that would have to outsource larger scale integrated requests, we can draw on a wide array of talent and resources in-house. The result is a stronger set of capabilities as well as a more diverse portfolio of services that embraces earned, paid and owned media strategies to help drive impressions and increased ROI for our client’s marketing efforts.